Insert, track and contact any profile, whether it's a candidate, a client or one of your team members

12€ p/user


Users with access to solution People


Plan, schedule and track time. Make sure your teams are spending the right amount of time on each project, evaluate results and plan your next moves.

3€ p/user


Users with access to solution Time


Made to support any business model, this module gives you insights, reportings and an overall management of your finances.

8€ p/user


Users with access to solution Finance

Estimated price

1x using People: 12€

1x using Tempo: 3€

1x using Finance: 8 €


23€ (VAT not incl.)

Fullsight became the Human-way to team-up

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The recruiter feeling once onboarded

If you have any doubts about starting to use Fullsight on your HR team and how it will be received by them, we will start by telling you that it will be one of the best choices you can make and that the only problem you’ll have once you start using it is thinking about why you didn’t have it sooner! As Recruiters, the first contact we had with Fullsight showed us right away that this tool would be very very different from what we had worked before. It made the whole recruitment and selection process easier and allow us to keep data much simpler and more effective. Getting access to all candidates from Fullsight, their profile, the number and type of approaches that have been made over time allows us to streamline all the work and not make repeated contacts. It also helped us to reach out candidates from our data base for new positions that fit better with new positions. During the interviews, it also has a very striking role. It allows us to keep all the information of the candidate, for exemple, professional experience, motivation, availability, wage expectation and also record personal data. As well as adding hard skills and describing some soft skills about each candidate’s profile. All of this in a super fast and very intuitive way! In our opinion, once onboarded, my work became much more organized and facilitated by being able to use a platform so complete and with so many functionalities that only came to improve the whole workflow. Briefly, if I was recruiting and Fullsight was a possible candidate I’d say he had the perfect match and he’d add value to any team!

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How we use Fullsight for sales

Every day, we spend several hours researching profiles on Linkedin to prepare our business approaches to both domestic and international customers. Today Fullsight allows us, with just one click, to bring all contact information into our database in a structured way. In addition, we were able to upload our entire external database into Fullsight and, from there, we started to tidy up all the information by "Step". Our sales funnel predicts that customers, once in our database, can, within the GDPR rules and policies, go through 7 Steps, from their identification to the moment we effectively do business, regardless of the time it takes. With Fullsight we stopped losing customers. They just change their status and are worked on in a future where the approach makes more sense. Now, we have complete control over our business value chain. We know that and how many customers are in each Step of trading. we have a very close estimate of what deals we can complete and when, in addition to knowing exactly what work we need to do upstream in the value chain for the results to happen. In short, Fullsight has brought us rigor, organization, managerial capacity and an unparalleled facility to develop our daily work. Measuring, predicting and quantifying commercial activity started to be done with just a few clicks!

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