1. Availability

The Fullsight team makes sure to stay available and reachable, allowing us to to act quickly in case of any questions or concerns.

We are online to keep you updated at all times, through the in-app notifications – in case any problem arises. We’ll be the most agile we can be in resolving possible issues.

2. Security measures

Fullsight ensures that all requests are made via HTTPS. Even if a link to Fullsight is specified as HTTP.

All data stored on Fullsight is encrypted. Information stored in our database systems or on our file systems is encrypted and managed by MongoDB Atlas and stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS security practices

Fullsight uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store user data. These servers ensure compliance with the latest industry standards, and continually manage all risks.

Password policy and storage

To access Fullsight, you need to provide a strong password of at least 6 characters. We do not store these user passwords in plain text, we only store one-way encrypted password hashes. This protects users against attacks and encrypted password matching.


Our team uses strong, unique passwords for Fullsight accounts and has set up Two-Factor Authentication for each device and service they use. All Fullsight employees are encouraged to use strong passwords and use all security measures available.

We also make sure to encrypt local hard drives and enable automatic screen locking. All access to application admin functionalities is restricted to a select group of people.

3. Quality assurance

Code review

We introduced strict code reviews for any change to our code base, to ensure development best practices are used across all our code pushes.

Vulnerability disclosure

Since Fullsight’s release, we have made sure to invite every user to notify us of possible issues they might detect in our application, in order to keep our platform as secure and trustworthy as possible. We will read, respond and take care of all received report submissions – in the shortest time possible.