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Fullsight isn't just an ATS for consulting companies - it's an all-in-one platform for recruiters, business developers and consultants.

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In the 00's
Recruitment was fully presential
Commercial knowledge was written in notebooks
Lack of operational visibility
Until 2018
CVs were made using Word
Commercial knowledge throughout Excel sheets
Lack of transversal visibility
Scalable. Automated. Efficient.

The ATS part of the optimisation era

A new age has started - the one where digital only isn't enough. Consulting companies are now moving to smart, efficient and automated ATS that raise teams' productivity...

... and boost growth. Fullsight provides a seamless, intelligent platform designed to empower consulting companies with superior recruitment, management, and operational capabilities.

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Source smarter, hire faster: ATS for advanced recruitment

Fullsight simplifies candidate management by offering a centralized place where all candidate profiles are efficiently organized and easily accessible.

  • Track candidates and leverage AI for CV enhancement
  • Use Fullsight’s extension to copy the candidate’s info
  • Access all company’s vacancies and recommend candidates
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Redefined business development: innovated consulting software

Fullsight optimizes business developers' service delivery processes, streamlining workflows and enabling faster, more effective responses to client needs.

  • Keep track of all customers' business activities
  • Run the customers' needs through intuitive pipelines
  • Manage consultants holidays and worked time
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ATS for decision-makers: visibility for strategic decisions

Fullsight provides comprehensive tools for monitoring and analyzing your team's and business performance, ensuring you have real-time insights to optimize operational efficiency.

  • Use the performance analytics dashboard to measure progress
  • Evaluate employees and follow their performance growth
  • Leverage Fullsight's public job vacancy pages for lead generation
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Enhancing workplace dynamics: engaged with consultants

Fullsight enhances time tracking and leave management for consultants, offering intuitive features for accurate time recording, and efficient holiday planning.

  • Track consultants worked time and ease customers' invoicing
  • Allow consultants to easily plan and request holidays
  • Have consultants informed about open job positions
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"Fullsight is an essential software for consulting companies, regardless of the size. Whether by improving recruitment processes or enhancing collaboration between recruitment and business teams, Fullsight simplifies operations and ensures visibility for greater success."

Bernardo Resende

Operations Manager - BySix, Portugal

Learn how Fullsight is surfing the wave

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What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?


What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

In the competitive landscape of modern recruitment, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have emerged as indispensable tools for businesses, particularly in recruitment and consulting companies. But what exactly is an ATS, and how does it stack up against Fullsight's solution tailored for consulting companies? Let's dive into details. What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?  An Applicant Tracking System, commonly known as an ATS, is a software application designed to ease and automate recruitment processes. It serves as a centralized platform for managing job vacancies and posting, receiving and tracking candidates' applications and screening, scheduling interviews, and ultimately, hiring new employees. An ATS software is essential for businesses to efficiently handle large volumes of applicants while ensuring a structured and organized recruitment workflow.  Fullsight: redefined recruitment for consulting companies  Fullsight goes beyond the traditional functionalities of an ATS, offering a solution specifically created for the unique needs of consulting companies.  Here's how Fullsight compares to a standard ATS:  Comprehensive candidate management: while traditional ATS systems focus solely on tracking applicants, Fullsight offers a holistic approach to candidate management. It allows consulting companies to not only manage applications but also maintain detailed profiles of candidates, track their progress through the recruitment and vacancies pipeline, and evaluate their suitability for different jobs.Integration with business processes: Fullsight seamlessly integrates with the business processes of consulting companies. It facilitates collaboration between recruitment and business teams, ensuring alignment between talent acquisition efforts and organizational objectives. With Fullsight, recruitment becomes an integral part of the overall business strategy, driving growth and success.Enhanced visibility and analytics: Fullsight provides in-depth visibility and analytics capabilities that go beyond the basic reporting features of traditional ATS systems. Consulting firms can gain valuable insights into their recruitment performance, track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their hiring processes and improve overall efficiency.Customization and scalability: unlike off-the-shelf ATS solutions, Fullsight offers customization options to adapt to the specific requirements of consulting companies. It's scalable to accommodate the varying needs of businesses as they grow and evolve, ensuring long-term sustainability and flexibility.  Conclusion: should I choose Fullsight's ATS for my consulting company?  While traditional ATS systems serve their purpose in managing recruitment tasks, Fullsight stands out as a solution tailored for the unique challenges faced by consulting companies. By combining advanced candidate management capabilities with seamless integration with business processes, enhanced visibility, and scalability, Fullsight empowers consulting companies to improve their recruitment processes and drive business success. In short, when it comes to choosing an applicant tracking system for your consulting company, consider the holistic approach and features offered by Fullsight. With Fullsight, recruitment aren't just a process but a strategic asset for your organization's growth and success.

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Fullsight and modern consultancy


Fullsight and modern consultancy

Early morning, with nice black coffee in hand, that was when we had a chat with our CEO to understand the initial idea behind of, what we know today as, Fullsight. The idea seemed very clear, Fullsight was tailored for consultancy companies in the information technology space, to help them focus more on what they do best: operate and collaborate with customers. Miguel has built a consultancy company in 2017 and, at the time, the applications available for startups in this space where only a few. Some of them didn't even offer all the features needed to support his business. It was then that he decided to do it internally, trying out ways to improve the recruitment team response so the sales team could do business successfully. "As a small company, the available resources to manage all aspects of the business are never enough. For those that want close business fast and successfully... if they don't find the sweet spot between available people and efficiency they might be doomed to failure." And with this in mind, Fullsight was born and improved to a point that the all aspects of his consultancy business' operations can be managed within the same platform. Since the whole recruitment process, passing through the onboarding of a new employee, until his management and tracking in terms of payments, holidays, time spent, among others. Another important factor for Fullsight's growth was the lack of automated visibility offered in the market. Usually consultancy businesses struggle to know who did what or when something is happening.. In the tool, you're offered with a set of visibility components that makes you be more aware of everything's state. Fullsight is here to stay, the growth we're having with and in customers, features and visibility is helping us thrive near the businesses that are trusting us. Our focus is on our partners' growth, because everything that we can do to support them better and allow them to efficiently operate will be our main target for the platform's evolution.

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It makes the recruitment process easier


It makes the recruitment process easier

We went talking with the new HR team members at Visual Nuts, and learn their opinion on the experience they had with Fullsight so far. Sandra stated right away - "If anyone has doubts about start using Fullsight on his HR team or how it will be received by the the team, then I'll tell you that it will be one of the best choices you can make. The only problem you’ll have once you start using it is thinking about why you didn’t have it sooner!". She continued saying that, "as Recruiters, the first contact we had with Fullsight showed us right away that this tool would be very different from what we had worked before. It made the whole recruitment and selection process easier and allow us to keep data much simpler and more effective". Ana has different experiences in her curriculum and we learned that her previous company wasn't using Fullsight. We asked which was the main difference she felt when Fullsight came into play. She replied saying that "getting access to all candidates from Fullsight, their profile, the number and type of approaches that have been made over time allows us to streamline all the work and also to not make repeated contacts. It also helped us to reach out to candidates introducing new positions that fit better with their profile". To show that Fullsight also impacted other daily activities Ana added "during the interviews, it also has a very striking role. It allows us to save all kinds of information about the candidate. For exemple: professional experience, motivation, availability, wage expectation and also record personal data; as well as adding hard skills and describing some soft skills about each candidate’s profile. All of this in a super fast and very intuitive way!". In the end of our coffee break chat, they both agreed on the feeling when they started using Fullsight. "All work became much more organized and the whole workflow was clear".

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Gonçalo uses Fullsight for sales


Gonçalo uses Fullsight for sales

We met Gonçalo some time ago, when he started using Fullsight. Gonçalo runs the Sales Department in a consultancy customer and we understood right from the beginning that his approach using the platform would be a bit different than usual. We challenged him to tell us his experience using Fullsight and how he actually uses it. Here's what we got back: Our sales process was robust, but gradually failed to serve our need to manage a high volume of customers and prospects. We feel the need to take our business model to a new level. A new level that would cost to go through the deep digital transformation of the whole process. We recorded all the information on multiple spreadsheets, until we started to feel the need to cross information in an agile way, manage the sales process, measure performance, estimate results in advance and taking action on gaps and, no less important, to effectively catalog all records in our information base in order to establish priorities. Fullsight appeared in our operation at the right time, with the right features to scale the business to another level. When we identified all the potential that Fullsight was able to deliver to the process, we were able to perfectly visualize our entire sales funnel, automate it and have control over each step of the sales process.  The first great achievement was the ease with which we began to build our own work base. Every day, we spend several hours researching profiles on Linkedin to prepare our business approaches to both domestic and international customers. Today Fullsight allows us, with just one click, to bring all contact information into our database in a structured way. In addition, we were able to upload our entire external database into Fullsight and, from there, we started to tidy up all the information by "Step". Our sales funnel predicts that customers, once in our database, can, within the GDPR rules and policies, go through 7 Steps, from their identification to the moment we effectively do business, regardless of the time it takes. With Fullsight we stopped losing customers. They just change their status and are worked on in a future where the approach makes more sense. Now, we have complete control over our business value chain. We know that and how many customers are in each Step of trading. we have a very close estimate of what deals we can complete and when, in addition to knowing exactly what work we need to do upstream in the value chain for the results to happen. In short, Fullsight has brought us rigor, organization, managerial capacity and an unparalleled facility to develop our daily work. Measuring, predicting and quantifying commercial activity started to be done with just a few clicks!

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