Gonçalo uses Fullsight for sales

We learned Gonçalo's approach using the platform

Gonçalo uses Fullsight for sales

We learned Gonçalo's approach using the platform

We met Gonçalo some time ago, when he started using Fullsight. Gonçalo runs the Sales Department in a consultancy customer and we understood right from the beginning that his approach using the platform would be a bit different than usual. We challenged him to tell us his experience using Fullsight and how he actually uses it.

Here's what we got back:

Our sales process was robust, but gradually failed to serve our need to manage a high volume of customers and prospects.

We feel the need to take our business model to a new level. A new level that would cost to go through the deep digital transformation of the whole process. We recorded all the information on multiple spreadsheets, until we started to feel the need to cross information in an agile way, manage the sales process, measure performance, estimate results in advance and taking action on gaps and, no less important, to effectively catalog all records in our information base in order to establish priorities.

Fullsight appeared in our operation at the right time, with the right features to scale the business to another level. When we identified all the potential that Fullsight was able to deliver to the process, we were able to perfectly visualize our entire sales funnel, automate it and have control over each step of the sales process.

The first great achievement was the ease with which we began to build our own work base.

Every day, we spend several hours researching profiles on Linkedin to prepare our business approaches to both domestic and international customers. Today Fullsight allows us, with just one click, to bring all contact information into our database in a structured way. In addition, we were able to upload our entire external database into Fullsight and, from there, we started to tidy up all the information by "Step".

Our sales funnel predicts that customers, once in our database, can, within the GDPR rules and policies, go through 7 Steps, from their identification to the moment we effectively do business, regardless of the time it takes. With Fullsight we stopped losing customers. They just change their status and are worked on in a future where the approach makes more sense.

Now, we have complete control over our business value chain. We know that and how many customers are in each Step of trading. we have a very close estimate of what deals we can complete and when, in addition to knowing exactly what work we need to do upstream in the value chain for the results to happen.

In short, Fullsight has brought us rigor, organization, managerial capacity and an unparalleled facility to develop our daily work. Measuring, predicting and quantifying commercial activity started to be done with just a few clicks!